Streamline Your Processes with an Efficient Insurance Broking App

Our custom-built insurance broking apps are a powerful and intuitive way to administrate your end-to-end policy and claims management. Loaded with intelligent handpicked features, Elry insurance broking apps bring customers and brokers closer for the best possible experience.

Save time with automated functions

Our solutions give you the opportunity to automate a range of tasks such as delivering personalised quotes as well as renewals and payment reminders, freeing up your schedule so you can focus on growing your business.

Reduce processing times

Our apps are specially designed to connect brokers, lenders and customers for a smoother and faster approvals process.

Increase productivity

By eliminating the need for repetitive data entry and automating workflows and task management, you’ll save time and streamline your operations.

Enhance your customer experience

Make it easy for customers to access their account information as well as policy details and claims status with a 247 client portal.

View real-time data

With up-to-the-minute data, you’ll be able to keep on top of your accounts and gain premium quality insights that give you big picture overviews and enable well-informed decision making.

Access from anywhere at anytime

Hosted through the cloud, our software is accessible on any internet-connected device no matter where you or your customers are.

Ensure optimum security and compliance

We know that especially in the insurance industry, security and governance are a primary concern. Our apps are built with the best possible data protection and maintain up-to-date compliance with all regulations.

Add features that work for your business

We’ll work closely with you to ensure your app includes all the features you need to make the process easier for both and your customers, and none that you don’t. For instance, your app can include: * Easy claims tools that allow your customers to easily upload documents and photos * Customer profiles with key policy details * Staff profiles to showcase the brokers at your firm * Contact details to allow customers to easily get in touch * Call-back request forms that send you instant alerts * A newsfeed with the latest news and updates from your firm * Easy and round-the-clock access to key documents * Built-in email function for direct communication

If you’re ready to get started on a custom-built insurance broking app or want to find out more, get in touch now.