About Us

Introducing Elry

We are Brisbane-based software developers dedicated to delivering high quality web apps and software that solve problems and enhance the offering or operations of every client. Designed to equip you with confidence, control and the ability to scale, our solutions will make life easier for every employee and deliver a better experience to every client.

Let us help you make the most of your most valuable commodity: time

“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” - Terry Cullen

Too often we find ourselves struggling to complete tasks or pushing the harder items to the bottom of the pile. Time is arguably the most valuable commodity in any business. Elry aims to provide clarity and ease with our crafted web applications.

Terry Cullen
Founder / CEO

Why Chose Us?

When it comes to custom development, our team knows no bounds. We are skilled in creating custom web solutions for clients in every industry and, with experience creating every kind of web application you can think of, we have what it takes to build anything you need.
As business owners ourselves, we’re dedicated to finding solutions that make life easier. Designed for ultimate efficiency, our custom web apps and software solve problems you didn’t even know you had and make the day-to-day operate seamlessly so that you have to time to focus on the bigger picture.
At Elry, we pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients and delivering work that exceeds expectations. This means keeping all our work in house with our skilled team and not outsourcing anything. We are available to meet you face-to-face in Brisbane and are always on-hand to answer any questions.
Whether you come to us bursting with ideas or have no clue where to even start, our proactive team will work closely with you to create and build the most effective solution. We’ll equip you with software or apps that enhance your offering as well as the clarity and perspective to deliver your services with confidence.
We not only keep you informed at every step of the way but build our software solutions to provide you with clear, valuable and actionable information.
We pride ourselves on our dependability and delivering what will say we will, on time, every time. We don’t aim to meet your expectations – we aim to exceed them.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

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