Give New Employees the Best Start with Elry Onboarding Apps

Starting a new job can be both overwhelming for the new employee and a lot of work for the company. We take the stress and hassle out of welcoming new employees on board with bespoke solutions designed to suit your business. Our cloud-based integrated onboarding systems will not only save you time and money but also offer complete peace of mind.

Fast to get started and easy to use

Built with customer experience in mind, our onboarding apps are intuitive and user-friendly. With fast set-up and a straightforward interface, you’ll be able hit the ground running and so will new employees.

Built specifically for you

Our onboarding apps can be customised to meet your needs with a range of functions and features including: * Induction documentation * Induction and training videos * Forms for completing and submitting all required documentation easily, quickly and without the need for printing and scanning * Digital signing * Preboarding packages * Preemployment checks * Welcome emails * Checklists * Push notifications * Payroll integration * Automated notifications to stakeholders * Auto-filling to reduce data inaccuracies and save time * Deadline countdowns to ensure timely delivery or completion * SMS and email capabilities * Data integration * 247 access * Custom branding

Designed to enhance your employees’ experience

A custom-built Elry onboarding app will not only make your new employees feel welcome but make it fast and easy for them to learn everything they need to know to do their job. Clear, compelling and personalised, your employees will be able to learn quickly, complete documentation quickly and know exactly where to go if they still have questions.

Secure and compliant

We ensure optimal security to keep all data safe as well as up-to-date compliance with regulations at all times.

Accessible from anywhere

Cloud-based, our onboarding systems can be accessed from any internet-connected device at any time.

To find out more or to get started with your bespoke onboarding app, contact Elry today